Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 Bulan ke 4

Example Relative clauses

Who: describes people as subject
Whom: describes it as the object (replace me, you, us, him, her,
them, it)
Whose: describes people as the owner (replacing my, your, our, his, her, their,
Which: explain the subject matter as well as object
That describes a person or object as both subject and object
People or objects that are underlined in the above sentence is the same as the person or object pronoun is underlined in the sentence in liaison bawah.Kata made by a person or object pronoun in the sentence on the right.

1. The fisherman gave us some tunas. He caught a lot of tunas.
–The fisherman who caught a lot of tunas gave us some. (subjek)

2. The farmer was away on holiday. I wanted to see him.
–The farmer whom I wanted to see was away on holiday. (objek)
3. The woman asked me. Her bike was lost.
–The woman whose bike was lost asked me. (pemilik)
Example :
1. The boy who broke the glass is Robin
2. The girl who has talked with me is Jane
3. The woman who is writing is Miss Anne
4. The gun which was on the table was only a toy
5. The house which stands on that hill is very old
6. The dog that barked last night caught a thief who was running away
7. The bird that sings in my garden every morning is a Robin
8. The glass that was full of lemonade is now empty
9. The film which is running now isn’t such a good one
10. Anybody who’ll help me will get a reward

Exercise 37: Relative Clauses

1. The last record which produced by this company became a gold record.
2. Checking accounts that require a minimum balance are very common now.
3. The professor whose you spoke yesterday is not here today.
4. John whose grades are the highest in the school, has received a scholarship.
5. Felipe bought a camera that has three lenses.
6. Frank are who were nominated for the office of treasurer.
7. The doctor is with a patient whose leg was broken in an accident.
8. Jane is the woman who is going to China next year.
9. Janet wants a typewriter whose self-corrects.
10. This book that I found last week, contains some useful information.
11. Mr. Bryant whose team has lost the game, looks very sad.
12. James wrote an article whose indicated that he diskiled the president.
13. The director of the program whose graduated from Harvard University, is planning to retire next year.
14. This is the book that I have been looking for all year.
15. William whose brother is a lawyer, wants to become a judge.

Exercise 38: Relative Clause Reduction

1. George is the man chosen to represent the committee at the convention.
2. All of the money accepted has already been released.
3. The papers on the table belong to Patricia.
4. The man brought to the police station confessed to the crime.
5. The girl drinking coffe, is Mary Allen.
6. John’s wife, a professor, has written several papers on this subject.
7. The man talking to the policeman, is my uncle.
8. The book on the top shelf, is the one that I need.
9. The number of students have been counted is quite high.
10. Leo Evans, a doctor, eats in this restaurant every day.


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