TUGAS BAHASA INGGRIS BISNIS 1 (Tugas 3 Payment Letter + Reply)


Payment letter is meant here is the letter order (ordering) the goods and the focus is on the method or means of payment. The method of payment in the mail order goods can be made through bank account transactions, money orders (bank draft), check (ceque), can also be made in cash or on credit.

The letter is a letter of inquiry from prospective buyer to the seller requesting a quote. That is, the prospective buyer requested by letter that the seller should apply formally to him. With the offer of the seller will potential buyers will know the price, terms of sale and purchase, and a description of the goods or services to be purchased. This is the purpose of the prospective buyer a written request to the seller offers. When a prospective buyer has to know the condition of the goods / services following the price and terms of sale and purchase, of course he did not need to ask for a quote from the seller.

Letter of inquiry required in formal trade demand formal procedures formally in writing. A large company as a salesman, for example, is not to simply serve the solicitation of an offer over the phone. Letter of inquiry is often an early stage of the business transactions. Through a letter of inquiry to ask a potential buyer or to request information about the goods or services to be purchased. In reaction, the seller explaining things to the buyer make an order and ultimately business transactions as the top buying and selling proces
payment letter

reply payment


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